In the African continent there are some of the countries that are having the highest economic growths, and where the Outlan partners we have started to expand our experience, as it is the case of Morocco or Senegal. In the first, by means of the constitution of a subsidiary for a Spanish technological company, that has developed in Morocco different projects related to the implementation of new technologies in the sanitary sector. In Senegal, we have also carried out works related to exportation, distribution and vehicle sale and machinery coming from Europe by means of the Dakar port.



Outlan partners we have a great experience in internationalisation of companies in Mexico, country where we have carried out the largest number of projects. This way, in the institutional area, we have worked with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and a lot of respective regional Chambers as the ones of Bilbao, Madrid, Catalonia or Valencia, as well as with the State delegations and the Basque Government in Mexico, the Basque Entrepreneurs association in Mexico (Emprebask), the Catalonian Business club, Bilbao Port´s companies association (Uniport) and the Etxepare Basque Institute.


The firm has broken through the mexican country to diverse companies linked with industrial an engineering sector companies, such as Arteche, Sener, Fagor, Iparlat, CAF, Reotix, EUN, or the Brasilian oil company Petrobras, among others.

We have also collaborated with organisations and associations of different sectors as the opening of Spanish Fashion, Bilbao Metropoli Association 30 or the publishers´, artists´ and Basque writers´ Association in Mexico.

In Chile we have constituted a subsidiary of a Spanish computing company, that has been able to already sign several contracts with local companies for the implementation of their software systems.

Likewise, we are working in other American countries, as Peru, Colombia or Ecuador, with the purpose of finding business possibilities for companies of our business environment.



We have worked with several companies in China in sectors such as the transport, the automotive or the wind sector.



In the construction sector, the Outlan partners, we have carried out an urban project in Slovakia for the construction of 1.300 homes. In Rumania and Ucrania, we have implemented productive companies in the smelting and automotive sectors and we have carried out projects related to the communication sector in countries such as Portugal, Italy or United Kingdom.


On the other hand, we have implemented Neris Financial and Neris Treasury control systems, in a business group dedicated to the software development and with presence in 13 countries. Thanks for them, the group improved substantially the control and management of the subsidiaries abroad, and at the same time, it allowed the Access and the obtaining of information of them in real-time.