Neris, is a softwarespecially designed for companies set up abroad that allows the Management increase the effective control of them, thanks for the remote and real-time access to all kinds of financial information. It allows consolidating the information of the subsidiaries in the holding in a completely automatic way, as well as to control the treasury of them in real-time. It integrates perfectly with the existing ERP in the company. Oursolutionisdivided in three modules:



Financial Neris: Consolidation, financial planning and Business Intelligence tool, which most noted characteristics are the following:

  • Definition of the Master Accounts Planning, under which the aggregated information will be presented to the Management .
  • Semi-automatic Homogenization, with predefined rules.
  • Financial planning.
  • Automatic consolidation, minimazing the risk of human errors in the process and deleting tasks that consume resources and do not generate added value.

Neris Treasury: Management module of the group´s treasury, including:

  • Receipt / pay management module.
  • Current/ expected treasury net position.
  • Consolidated treasury at the group level.
  • Banking risk management.
  • Supported banking expenses control
  • Intragroup operating management and forecast

Neris Accounting: accounting solution based on:

  • Multicompany, multicurrency and multiuser. It allows the definition and assignment of dimensions for a more powerful analytical information. Interface available in more than 20 languages and completely adjustable by user.

Other characteristiques of Neris software are the following:

  • SaaS unfolding (Software as a Service):
  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Zero investment in equipment and maintenance.
  • High levels of security, as it is managed by qualified people.
  • The Group´s financial information data base integration into the Neris analytical data base, what provides objective and reliable information for the strategic decisión making from the management side

Associated services:

  • Consulting: financial, process and financial optimization diagnostic.
  • Training: profesional training planning specially designed for each Project, with the purpose of maximizing the profitability of it.
  • After sale support.